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Wacom practice 3 Wacom practice 3

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You Draw, Too!

I didn't realize you draw, as well! Can you make tea, too?! :P You're actually quite good, keep it up! :)

Since I'm kinda good at this too, I can offer you some crits. The anatomy is well-developed (especially his hand; looks really good!) but the values (light and shadow) need more refinement. :D The form shadows can be darker and some reflected light can be added. Your character design is outstanding and his facial features are adorable. ^^ Great job on the folds of the fabric, as well!

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T-Free responds:

Wheeh, thaanks! :P
You are right about the values, I am still practicing with colors because I don't colorize my pics often, but I hope I can better and better with every picture I create. Keep your great work up, too!^^